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Fixing a geolocation error

An error appears when Google is not able to locate the address provided. In order to make sure a valid address is sent to the courier, the system validates the following fields on the order: address line 1, postcode, city and country. Please make make sure that the information in these fields are correct.

⭐️ Helpful tip. Most common issues and how to fix them:

  • typo on one of the validated fields (fix the typo)
  • address and postcode are not matching (correct the postcode)
  • missing information e.g. house number or full postcode (complete the address)
  • street name and house number on the wrong address line (move to address line 1)

The best way to check if the address is correct try adding the address to this geocoding tool: Geocoding.

Enter the address to the search box and click "Geocode". The geocoded address will appear as shown in the image above.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue please contact your checkout partner.

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