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Charging and invoicing 101

Orkestro Invoicing 

Invoices are sent out weekly. Your subscription fee will be charged at the beginning of each month whilst order fees will be billed in arrears at the end of each week. Payments are due 7 days from the date the invoice is issued.

Payment Methods 

All merchants are required to set up GoCardless direct debit with Orkestro. With GoCardless, you will have a couple of days to review the invoice. After that, the invoice will automatically be charged to your account.

Direct Billing

If you are in a direct billing relationship with the fleets on your Orkestro account, Orkestro will only charge you for its fees (subscription and order fee). The fleet companies will charge you directly for delivery fees. Learn more about direct billing here: “How does direct billing work”. 

Please note that if you are not on direct billing, Orkestro will charge you for both Orkestro fees and delivery fees and settle with the fleets.

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