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Set up dispatching rules for your orders

You can edit the rules which determine the services booked for your orders. Here's how:

1.    Login to the Orkestro Dashboard

2.    Navigate to the “Settings” page

3.    Click on “Dispatching”

4.    Search for the relevant merchant in the search bar

5.    A list of vehicle types in your connected fleets network will be displayed. More information on Orkestro's fleet partners here.

6.    By default, all constraints will be set at “No limit”.

  • Select ”Custom” from the drop-down in the “Max Basket Value” column if you wish to set basket value thresholds for each vehicle type.

  • Autodispatching in the Orkestro system dispatches your goods to selected vehicle types based on basket value thresholds. As an example; depending on your dispatching preferences, cars can be limited to orders less than £100 only. Setting basket values thresholds help ensure that the most suitable vehicles are dispatched for your orders.

  • Select “Advanced” from the drop-down in the “Max Basket Value” column and click on “Set up Advanced” if you wish to set a specific basket value thresholds for each fleet and each vehicle type. This allows you to have a more granular control over which fleet services dispatch your orders.

7.    Change the setting in “Max Basket Value” to “Custom” and enter a value to set the maximum threshold for the fleet service.

8.    Click on “Save” for the changes to apply on your settings.

Please note that the dispatching changes will only take effect for orders created on the dashboard after the date of the dispatching updates.

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